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Special Programs

Special Programs at WAVA includes special education, Section 504, English Language Learner, and Highly Capable.  Our team of support staff is lead by Administrator Shelley Sears.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Education Technology, Psychology, and a certificate in Educational Administration. She has been in special education teaching and life skills, resources and emotional/behavior classrooms in Washington and Georgia. Shelley has worked in a private practice for Child, Marriage and Family therapy and later as a school therapist.

Request for Special Education Evaluation
This form will help parents, district staff, public agencies, or other people with information about a student to request a special education evaluation (also called a “special education referral”). This form is not required – any written request for evaluation is valid. Districts may follow up a verbal, email, or other written request with a request to complete this form, but may not require the referrer to complete the form prior to considering the student for evaluation. It is important to note that the 25-day timeline described below starts as soon as the request is received, whether or not this form is used.

Special Programs Q & A

  • *What is covered under Special Programs at WAVA?

Special Programs includes special education, Section 504, English Language Learner, and Highly Capable

  • *What kind of support is offered through the Special Programs Team?

Special education services are provided in accordance with IEP.  Section 504 accommodation plans are implemented as the plan dictates.  EL and Highly Capable students receive supplementary services in their general education classrooms and/or small group pull out ClassConnect sessions.

  • *If my student is on a 504 or IEP and we are new to WAVA, what steps do we need to take?

If you indicated that your student was receiving supports and services through a 504 or special education, the 504 Coordinator or the student’s Special Education Case Manager will be in touch during the few days of school.  If you did not indicate that your student was receiving those supports and services, please send those documents to and/or let your student’s teacher know.

  • *If there an option for highly capable students?

Highly Capable enrichment services will be either provided in the general education classroom or as a pull out by one of our Highly Capable teachers.

  • *How often do we get to met with someone 1:1 for my student?

Students in Special Programs will have 1:1 support as needed in accordance with their learning plan and in partnership with their program with WAVA or WAVA Flex option.  We have Special Programs teachers and support staff available to work with families to ensure they have the suppor they need throughout the year.  Please contact your teacher or support staff if you have questions.

  • *Any additional details that can be highlighted for Special Programs at WAVA?

Special Programs at WAVA are continuously improving to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our diverse learners.

  • *Who do I contact for support in Special Programs?

If you have questions or concerns about the diverse needs of your learner, please contact -

Scott VanGerpen, – 504

Melanie Wyckoff, – Highly Capable Program

Star Downey, - Highly Capable Program

Karen O'Leary, – English Learner Program

Lauren Garcia,, English Learner Program

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