WAVA Clubs Schedule: 

Starting Week of October 10th


Esports League Age 12 and Up (Team Members Only): 12:00pm, Mr. Fogle and Captains,


Baking Club K-12, 3pm, Ms. Dohrman

https://lms.k12.com/lms/go/classConnect/PJ3JAJCJMJVJAJ0-5JMJGJCJ2JHJD-P-R-M9D9E9H9G9297-H9Q9UJIJ6JGJR-UJKJ3KQJJJF9K-4-A-Q-N-R92JGJSJIJQ-7KS-PJ7JTJ0JPJNJR-V-K-U989--7-897-K-894-M9D9  Baking Padlet Link


Coding Club 4th -12th, 1pm, Mr. Sloan

Gaming Club K-12, 2pm, Mr. Sloan


Art Club K-5, 3pm, Ms. Seward

https://lms.k12.com/lms/go/classConnect/PJ3JAJCJMJVJAJ0-5JMJGJCJ2JHJD-P-R-M9D9E9H9G9G9F9N9Q9UJIJ6JGJR-UJKJ3KQJJJF9K-4-A-Q-N-R92JGJSJIJQ-7KS-PJ7JTJ0JPJNJR-V-K-U989--7-897-K-894-M9D9   Art Padlet Link

Art Club 6-12, 3:30pm, Ms. Seward



Middle School ASB 12:15pm, Ms. Nogaki https://lms.k12.com/lms/go/classConnect/PJ3JAJCJMJVJAJ0-5JMJGJCJ2JHJD-P-R-M9D90929E9E9N9U9Q9UJIJ6JGJR-UJKJ3KQJJJF9K-4-A-Q-N-R92JGJSJIJQ-7KS-PJ7JTJ0JPJNJR-V-K-U989--7-897-K-894-M9D9

High School ASB 12:15pm, Mr. Simpson (start date tbd)

GLSEN K-12, 2pm, Advisor McLewin



Dungeons and Dragons 8th to 12th, 11am, Mr. Humphreys


Music Club, K-12, Ms. Olsen and Ms. Burton, 12:30pm


*All School WAVA Padlet Link for Events and Activities:  Link

*Check the OLS Announcement for Stride Clubs and Activities Monthly like Photo Challenges, Innovation Competitions, Chess, Jam, Lego Club and more!  Don’t miss the Social Chats through Stride Mondays-Thursdays on the OLS Announcements.

Community Engagement:

WAVA Clubs begin in October

At WAVA we want to connect with students and believe that all student can succeed.  In addition to connection in the classroom through academics, student support, class connect sessions and learning platforms students can connect on their own time for community engagement. Club options at WAVA are found here on the schedule and held in newrow. National Stride Clubs can be found on the OLS Announcements.  Clubs vary and may include options for K-12 in Gaming, Art, Baking, Music, Social, ASB, GLSEN and Esports. In addition to WAVA Clubs, students through Stride can attend Social Chat options, participate in photo competitions, cooking or Lego Challenges and more. WAVA Clubs begin in October and continue through June each year and then Summer Clubs and Activities are offered.  

Clubs Info:

WAVA Clubs Schedule and Links

WAVA Clubs and Activities Overview:

WAVA Yearly Events Calendar

National K12 Clubs (sign up for National Clubs through OLS)


Socialization Resources:










WAVA Outings and Events:

At WAVA our community is our families and students, and we provide connection opportunities for students to stay engaged.  Throughout the year students can attend outings to meet families, students and staff.   Regional outings, picnics, virtual events and field trip opportunities will be offered throughout the year.  Events will vary and may include a Cultural Fair, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Art Contest and more:

  • September: Back to School Spirit Week, Staff Welcome Video Promo, clubs begin 

  • October: Student Art Contest, Fall Celebrations, Spirit Day Wednesdays begin (last Wednesday of each month), Mindful Mondays begin, Costume Day

  • November: Thankful Week, Spirit Gear Sales, Music Night, PJ Day

  • December: Spelling Bee Sign-Ups, Holiday Celebrations, December Break Clubs

  • January: Cultural Fair, Spelling Bee Prep, Hat Day

  • February: Spelling Bee, Friendship Day, Spirit Gear sales round 2, WAVA Day

  • March: Science Fair, Leprechaun Trap Contest, Green Day

  • April: Talent Show, Spring Break Clubs, Creative Hair Day

  • May: Photo Contest, Graduation Promo, Prom, Clubs end, Sunglasses Day

  • June: Graduation, End of Year Staff Parade, Summer Clubs and Activities Promo 

November Dates:

  • November is Live to Give Month

  • November 3rd Join National Clubs Contests and Challenges: Newsletter

  • Novemer 2nd check the OLS Announcements for Natonal competitions

  • Novemer 3rd check WAVA Clubs, Bulletin Board Schedule

  • November1-8th Veterans Day Video link

  • November 9th, post to the WAVA Padlet and share with friends

  • November 10th, College Credit in HS for 11th Grade, 10m on Class Connect

  • November 15th, College Credit in HS for 10th Grade, 10am on Class Connect

  • November 11th, Veterans Day

  • November 16th Project Elevate Day! Share with us!

  • November 21st Giving Day at WAVA: drop off food/clothing at a local food/clothing bank

  • November 30th Spirit Day, PJ Day all Day, share to the Padlet!

  • November 30th Coffee Chat MS/HS 10am, ES 11am on your Class Connect LC Schedule