Summer Clubs and Activites
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Access Now!

WAVA Clubs Run Oct to May!  We have had a Fantastic Year!  In October you can sign up for new clubs!  Join us in July each Wednesday at Noon for Pop-Up Clubs!

To JOIN Clubs Click the Above Sign Up

then Click "Clubs Meeting Links" to attend a club meeting on set day/time!

We want to connect with your student!  Take a look at all of the ways we offer to connect.  Check out the WAVA Clubs we offer, we want all students to enjoy clubs! Clubs meet with a Club Leader and rely on volunteers from LC moderators and Student Leads!  Please email if you have questions or suggestions.  If you are in a club and looking for the meeting day/time or link please open the 'Club Meeting Links" Green Button! Did you sign up for a club and are missing the email, all you need is right here!  Check all of your folders and email you may have used!  You can send a pm to our Washington Virtual Academies FB page or email, or   Sign up!

We also offer K12 National Clubs that are offered throughout the year.  You will find information on the newsletter: 

Our ASB for HS age 9th to 12th grade is a Student Lead group that offers a variety of Clubs and Groups, check out the Chill N Chat every Monday and ask your advisor how to get involved! 

Our Current WAVA Club Offerings:

*Mondays:  Baking Club 3pm, Travel Club 3pm


*Tuesdays: Coding

  Diverse   Discussions 3pm

  Movie Club (2nd Tuesday 4pm)


*Wednesdays:  Writing Club 3:30pm

 Community Club 3pm

 Teen Connect  Group 3pm

 Art Club (2nd Wednesday 4pm)

*Thursdays: Cartooning Club 3:30pm, 


*Fridays: Gaming Club 3:30pm

*Social Media Group/TikTok Team, *meets as needed

*Music Club for 6th-8th Grade, meeting April 15, 29 and May 20, 27 at 3:30pm

ESPORTS Team:  Meets Weekly, every Monday via Newrow at 12-1pm with Coaches to practice and scrimmage and continues throughout the year October-May.  If you are a gamer interested sign up and check out the meeting link today! 

Once you have registered for a club via the above form you will receive email confirmation and a link to the scheduled zoom meetings.  Please check here for updates on club info or changes to links or lessons/activities.  We may post zoom links here on this website if a club has enough space for open attendance. 

Additional Ways to Connect:

  • Many Learning Coaches have formed their own small groups, please reach out on social media or our Learning Coach Community App to connect with others

  • We offer weekly Lunch Chats, these are an open and casual space to drop in for 20 minutes.  These are large groups and meant to be open and social, we use themes like Show n Tell, Dance Party, Music, Games, Kahoots to make them exciting.  Thank you for your support and patience as we allow students to have an open space to connect.

  • Community Focus Events each month are offered school wide that you can post pics, tag and share how your students are participating.  We look forward to seeing your learner!  Make sure to follow our Washington Virtual Academy Facebook Page, and Instagram and check out out New Learning Coach Community App~

Thank you for joining the WAVA Club Community!  For 2021-2022 we look forward to adding the following Club Additions:

Drama Club, Music Club, Band, and Languages

Club Leaders:

ALL CLUBS: Hailey Chamberlain,


TRAVEL: Mary Stover,

COMMUNITY:  Cheryl Grindle,



ESPORTS:  Ryland Fogle,

TEEN CONNECT:  Natale Seward, 

MUSIC:  Janeen Haley, and Lori Burton